Massage Therapy

In Balance Massage Therapy empowers you to live your life the way you have always wanted. With regular treatments, you will notice increased energy levels, be able to better take control of stress and stress related issues and sleep more sound. and giving you an overall feeling of health and wellbeing keeping you active and able to do the things you love most.


30 MINUTES MEMBERS $55 • NON-members $65

60 MINUTES MEMBERS $100 • NON-members $110

90 MINUTES members $165 • NON-members $175



$79/week – Weekly Massage

$44/week – Fortnightly Massage

$24/week – 1x Monthly Massage

Inclusions – Access to our members online booking system, Organic herbal teas and reflection space, 10% discount on all retail products, and unlimited additional massage treatments at members rates.

+ add on of access to all classes on timetable  - $49.99/week


Remedial Massage

A therapeutic healing whole body treatment that can be strong or gentle with deep or light pressure. In Balance Remedial Massage benefits damaged tendons, impaired, tense or immobile muscles.


Relaxation Massage

A soothing and deeply relaxing treatment perfect for unwinding. You will experience smooth strokes that are flowing, allowing the body and mind to connect and unwind.


Deep Tissue Massage

Our In Balance Deep Tissue Massage applies firm pressure either all over the body or focusing on specific points of chronic pain. This treatment will reduce pain and discomfort while improving the body’s ability to heal itself, as well as lengthening and releasing muscles.


Sports Massage

Reduce your risk of injury, alleviate muscle soreness and enhance recovery time. Our Sports Massage treatment will also identify any restrictions before your training and/or performance are interrupted.


Pre-Natal Massage

A healthy, nurturing and safe way to reduce stress, improve circulation and mobility. Relax tense muscles and promote overall wellness during the pregnancy.


Children's Massage

A relaxing therapy that stimulates their body in a positive way. Improving their quality of sleep, increase in concentration, provides more energy, calms the central nervous system helping with stress and anxiety. The treatment will also help stimulate their motor and cognitive development.



For BOOKINGS or information:

If you would like to discuss any of our treatments or classes, please contact our friendly staff using the ENQUIRE button below or call us on 02 9542 7450.