At In Balance, we offer 3 types of Yoga, designed to cater for all ages, body types, practice levels and fitness levels.



In Balance Yoga is a restorative and meditative practice that nurtures the body and deepens mental and physical strength. Moving slowly, poses are held for longer periods. You are encouraged to focus deep within the body, engaging with different sensations that arise.

Incorporating the use of bolsters and blocks to create a relaxing and comfortable environment, In Balance yoga is recommended for any level of practice. It is suitable for those who may be recovering from physical injury or those who require mental detoxification due to stress and anxiety.

In Balance Yoga is practiced at room temperature- non heated


Hot Yoga

60 / 90 MINUTES 

Dynamic Balance is a fast and dynamic series of poses incorporating standing and floor balances. Designed for those with a more advanced yoga practice this class will increase cardiovascular activity, generate greater flexibility and build muscular strength and agility.

Dynamic Balance is practiced in a heated temperature and will challenge physical power and mental resilience while assisting the detoxification process.


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