At In Balance, we offer 3 types of Pilates, designed to cater for all ages, body types, practice levels and fitness levels.


Mat Pilates

In Balance Mat Pilates is a floor work version of Pilates that consists of controlled movements using a range of props, resistance bands and magic circles. Our classes emphasise full body conditioning allowing you to move mindfully, focus on strengthening and lengthening of your muscles for posture, as well as alignment and core strength while building a healthy body.


Reformer Pilates

In Balance Reformer Pilates is a 45min class that is designed to help transform your body through a dynamic flow of movement. With the use of our Reformer machines and resistance equipment, we focus on building core strength and stability, helping to improve your pelvic floor, tummy area and back muscles. Pilates enhances the tone of your muscles through lengthening, creating a long and lean shape. Pilates also helps to increase your flexibility and range of motion while improving your balance, alignment, stability and overall posture. Assisting you in achieving a total wellness of the body.



If you would like to discuss any of our treatments or classes, please contact our friendly staff using the ENQUIRE button below or call us on 02 9542 7450. 




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